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Wireless# Certification Official Study Guide (Exam PW0-050)

Wireless# Certification Official Study Guide (Exam PW0-050)

Get official exam preparation for the all-new Wireless# Exam PWO-050

Authorized by the exam developers at the CWNP program, this study guide thoroughly covers all the topics on the entry-level Wireless# certification exam. Work at your own pace through a system of lessons, scenarios, and review questions to learn the material quickly and easily.

Wireless# Certification Official Study Guide will help you prepare for the exam as well as learn the basics of many wireless technologies. You'll learn, step-by-step, how to implement, troubleshoot and maintain small and medium-sized wireless networks. Get the only official study guide authorized by the creators of the Wireless# exam and get started in a career in wireless IT.

Maximize your performance on the exam by learning:

  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, WiMAX, ZigBee, Infrared, RFID, and VoWLAN
  • Wireless hardware, software, and installation
  • Wireless security, applications, and support
  • Wireless organizations, standards, and protocols
  • Radio frequency (RF) technologies

Complete Exam Coverage

  • Comprehensive details on all Wireless# exam objectives
  • Review questions modeled after the real exam
  • Helpful chapter summaries and key term lists
  • Vendor-neutral coverage of wireless technologies and equipment

Cardo S640 Bluetooth Clip On Headset

Cardo S640 Bluetooth Clip On Headset
Cardo S-640/ S640 Bluetooth earbud with Buzzer for Tiny Inconspicuous Superb audio. The New Cardo S640 Bluetooth Earbud clips onto your clothing for Easy access and inconspicuous use. Superb audio quality is standard in this and all Cardo Bluetooth headsets. Internal Buzzer allows you to be notified silently can be turned on or off and adds to the built-in ringer. Single control button: allows intuitive control of mute volume control voice-dialing last number redial call reject and transfering calls to and from cell phone. Talk up to 6 hours before recharging with the included 100-240 volt AC travel charger. Standby time is up to 150 hours. Lightweight at .58 ounce and only 1.77 inch x .70 inch x .91 inches in size. Bluetooth Hands-free profile(HF) and Headset profile(HSP) are supported on this Bluetoth version 1.2 class 2 device for better connectivity up to 30 feet away. Click here to determine if your cell phone model is Bluetooth enabled AND which Bluetooth profiles it can support. Factory original one year warranty applies. Supported Models and Categories:Sony-Ericsson K550/ W610 Cell Phone AccessoriesSony-Ericsson K790a/ K800i Cell Phone AccessoriesSony-Ericsson K850i Cell Phone AccessoriesSony-Ericsson M600i Cell Phone AccessoriesP990 Series AccessoriesW580/ S500 Series accessoriesw710 Series AccessoriesW950i Series AccessoriesZ710i Series AccessoriesTreo 680 Series AccessoriesTreo 750 series accessoriesHP iPAQ hw6515 Series AccessoriesHP 69xx series accessories2125 Pocket PC AccessoriesStarTrek /3125 /Smartflip /8500 AccessorWizard/ 8100/ 8125/ MDA/ K-JAM AccyTyTn/ 8525/ Hermes AccessoriesHTC 8925/Tilt Series AccessoriesTMobile Dash/ HTC ExcaliburHTC Mogul Series AccessoriesSDA SP5m Pocket PC AccessoriesHTC Shadow AccessoriesHTC Touch/ P3450 AccessoriesWing/ Herald/ P4350 AccessoriesAX380 series accessoriesCU500 Series AccessoriesCU575 Series AccessoriesLG KG800 GSM Chocolate AccessoriesLG KG810 GSM Chocolate Flip AccessoriesLX550 FUSIC Series Accessori

Scala S-800 Bluetooth v2.0 Hdst Silv/Blk

Scala S-800 Bluetooth v2.0 Hdst Silv/Blk
Cardo Scala S-800 In-ear Bluetooth headset melds Precision design in Black on Silver with High Tech features. The Cardo Scala S-800 Precision Design makes a Bold statement with the quintessential precision architecture combining iconic presence with minimalist contours to evoke the sense of a classic-in-the-making. This is the Black on Silver version. Lightweight feel with Heavyweight Performance: Barely 10.9 grams (.38 ounce) yet every bit as powerful as the Best performing Scala 700. In-ear or Over-the-ear headset: Fits comfortably and securely in the ear or can be worn with the included ear-loop for perfect vertical and horizontal adjustment. Hot-Dialing: Gives you a dedicated button to quickly call any of your 3 favorite phone numbers. Superb Audio: Embedded audio balancing with noise reduction plus a high quality speaker/ booster provides Superior voice quality and volume!Solid Performer: Gives you up to 8 hours Talk time OR up to a full week of Stand-by time before recharging. Includes both 100-240 volt AC travel charger and USB computer cable for recharging. State-of-the-Art Functionality: Favorite numbers and Hot-dialing button SWAP technology Headset location buzzer Battery status indicator Call back Auto-answer Missed call indicator conference call Voice-dial digital button lock selectable LED disable button customization for left or right-hand users and MORE! Pairs with up to 8 Bluetooth devices and allows you to SWAP between 2 devices! Location Buzzer: Perfect for those of us with memory issues...Simply press a button on the cell phone to activate the location buzzer on the lost headset! Missed call indicator: Be assured you will know if you missed a call. Bluetooth Hands-free profile(HF) and Headset profile(HSP) are supported on this Bluetoth version 2.0 class 2 device for fast secure connectivity up to 30 feet away. Click here to determine if your cell phone model is Bluetooth enabled AND which Bluetooth profiles it can support. Factory origina


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