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Samsung A727 Case Black Neoprene with Swivel Clip

Samsung A727 Case All Black & Vinyl Neoprene Case IN STOCK Fast Shipping, 100% buyer protection Designed to Fit Your A727  Cellular Phone Perfectly. All Black Neoprene Case  New Material offers excellent protection and rugged quality. Samsung A727 case made with heavy nylon tread and construction insures maximum durability, while the clear plastic covers over the screen and keypad to keep the integral parts of your Samsung A727 well-protected during daily use. Made of high quality PVC material, the neoprene case is designed specifically for perfect and close fit, all the external connections (charger, hands free, and camera) will remain available and functional with the case on. It is both light and durable, and installation and removal are very easy...All of our cases come with: Cool Low Profile Neoprene Material Vinyl Keypad Cover, Front Flip Cover Contour Form Fit Cool Dimple Neoprene Look Swivel Belt Clip - Detachable Overlock Stitching Heavy Duty 14 gage nylon thread Samsung A727 Case All Black Neoprene with Vinyl Key and LCD Protection All Samsung A727 Cases - Neoprene Style cases are specifically designed to FIT your specific Samsung A727  phone model and comes with a our commitment - We stand by the quality of our neoprene cases with an unconditional 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. ORDER NOW! Phone offered By: Virgin Mobile, US Cellular, Verizon Wireless and Alltel WirelessSamsungA727  SamsungA727  A727 case SamsungA727  A727 accessory A727  Great alternative to Body Glove CasesGREAT ALTERNATIVE TO LEATHER CASES

Price: 9.95

UTStarcom VX6700 Car Charger OEM CLC6700 Audiovox

Verizon Original OEM Car Charger XV6700 PPC Save on the ORIGINAL XV6700 Verizon Car Charger, the stylish and portable in-vehicle accessory, designed to rapidly charge your XV6700 phone's battery quickly and SAFE. IC Chip Charging with battery protection- enjoy unlimited talk and standby time, while your Verizon XV6700 is charging! Audiovox 6700 UT STARCOM OEM Car Charger *HARD TO FIND and IN STOCK* Manufactured by UTStarcom Communications Model Number (Part Number): CLC6700 (CLC6700) Power your phone on the go with a vehicle power charger. Compatible with the UTStarcom XV6700. New design - illuminated LED indicates power is made from socket to phone Durable Coil Cord Strain Reliefs: will not break or fray charging wires Heavy Duty Coil cord length when stretched: 6 feet Auto re-settable fuse - no need to ever replace Verizon XV6700 OEM Car Charger No fancy packaging reduces our costs and we past the savings to you Compatible with Verizon XV6700, 6700

Price: 15.99

LG Rumor lx260 Car Chargers Set of Two Special

LG Rumor lx260 Car Charger SET OF TWO, One Low Price   Q: WHY TWO?  A: CONVENIENCE. The average family has 2 cars so we thought you'd like one in each. HIGHLIGHTS... TWO LG Rumor lx260 Rapid Charging Car Chargers with IC Chip IC Chip Technology Rapidly charges battery to 99% capacity Trickle Charge Technology conditions fully charged battery Red Light Charging Indicator Heavy Duty Coil cord LG Rumor lx260 New Secure fit Car Charger Connector Do no pay full retail, wholesale direct from us 100% Buyer Protection Guarantee, Fast Low Cost Shipping MANUFACTURING STANDARDS:   Smart Charge IC Technology is the chip inside that regulates the charging flow and protects your battery cells from overcharging.   Each LG Rumor lx260 car charger is manufactured in our ISO 9002 certified factory and meets or exceeds all OEM/Government Specifications.   Input: DC12-24V; Output: 5.00-6.00V/550mA Length of the Cable: 7.0 feet; Cable diameter.: 3.5 mm IC(34063): Wide voltage operation range, operation from 3.0 V to 40 V Input; Low Standby Current, the output current have the function of restricting loading and over loading protection, it will avoid the damage to the mobile phone or charger; Output Switch Current is high to 1.5 A, you can adjust the output voltage (in 5V-12V); Frequency operation is high to 100 kHz, the inside base reference voltage is precision 2%. Interior components and the PCB mainboard are all made of SGS environment protection material.     Totallycellphones.com offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Buying Power =  low-price on quality products.

Price: 11.79

Audiovox 8910 Navy Blue Neoprene Case with Swivel Clip

Audiovox 8910 Razr Blue Scuba Neoprene Case   NEW Audiovox 8910 Razr Blue Scuba Neo Case IN STOCK! Designed to fit your Audiovox 8910 Razr phone perfectly. COOL Blue Scuba-Style case offers excellent protection without sacrificing quality and priced under the body glove fellows cases. Durable Sleek Material and Form Fitting construction insures maximum durability, while the clear plastic covers over the screen and keypad to keep the integral parts of your phone well-protected during daily use. All of our Body Glove Style Scuba Cases come with: Vinyl Keypad Cover Detachable Swivel Belt Clip Sleek form fitting neoprene material Heavy Duty 14 gage nylon stitching All 8910 Razr Blue Scuba Style cases come with a our commitment - We stand by the quality of our Blue Scuba Neoprene cases with an unconditional 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. ORDER NOW! Great Alternative to expensive Body Glove Cases. Phone offered By: *Verizon Wireless, Alltel, US Cellular, Cingular Wireless. Audiovox8910 Razr Audiovox8910 Razrcase Audiovox8910 Razraccessory 8910 Razrcase.

Price: 9.95

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Pink Bluetooth Style Wired Handsfree Headset Headphones for Pantech Helio Hero Helio Ocean

Pink Bluetooth Style Wired Handsfree Headset Headphones for Pantech Helio Hero Helio Ocean

Navman GPS 4460 Wireless Bluetooth GPS Receiver with SmartST Navigation Software for PalmOS 5.0 Handhelds

Navman GPS 4460 Wireless Bluetooth GPS Receiver with SmartST Navigation Software for PalmOS 5.0 Handhelds
Complete wireless GPS navigation for any Bluetooth enabled PDAs comes complete with the advanced functionality of Navman SmartST software.The NEW NAVMAN GPS 4460 Bluetooth Satellite Receiver with SmartST GPS Mapping Software allows you to navigate from door-to-door across 16 Western European countries. The GPS 4460 enables you to easily plan and track the quickest or shortest route to your destination fully assisted by turn-by-turn voice instructions. You'll also benefit from the latest 3D view maps, the option to program personal addresses as favorite routes and 'Back-On-Track ' functionality which helps you to reach your destination in the event of a diversion or wrong turn.In addition to having the security of reaching your destination, you can also optimize your navigational experience using the GPS 4460's extensive point-of-interest library which includes shopping, entertainment, amenities, food and drink, accommodation, buildings and monuments, medical services and natural attractions.

Customer Review: Excellent receiver, poor software

I purchased this receiver quite a while ago. The receiver itself works great, syncing to my pda phone via bluetooth with no problems. The software itself however never really worked. It was always creating problems. I actually used mapopolis and tomtom software with it and things were great.

Best thing about the device is you can use batteries with it.

Customer Review: Great product with minor problems

This was my first GPS receiver, I was amazed by the accuracy this thing can provide. The reason I bought this is that I'm a long time Palm PDA user and have several Palms. I was using T3 with this unit and this combo is "flawless".

1. The installation is straight forward, it's not simple but I can't say too complex. And with a 256mb SD card, I can load enough maps.

2. There's no actual installation required. The only thing is the suction holder for the Palm T3. I actually left the receiver on the dash board without any mounting and it works great, as long as I don't accelerate harshly.

3. The interface is very friendly, although sometime scary. You can choose two different types of voice prompts. Without looking at the screen, you will be alert of direction change or merge. It's quite scary if you drive along quietly.

4. The most important fact to me, it's cheap. I already got the Palm, so by spending the least possible money, I can get good enough result. This thing actually saved me several times from totally lost in the wild.

Of course this GPS isn't perfect.

1. The complaint is mainly on the Palm T3 for me about the power. The palm can't hold for even 2 hours. The good thing is the palm could be powered by any USB port, so virtually no money you can get a 12v to USB converter and power the palm. But that's only for use in a car, if you take the combo out to the wild, you have to turn the palm off to save power.

2. The GPS takes quite a long time from cold to lock. When you have to turn the palm off to save power, it became very annoying because every time it's from cold to start.

3. The software is kinda hard when you try to input an address.

Overall, I love this thing, I always keep it in the camera bag so when I set out for any trip, I know I won't lost.

Bluetooth HFB-300 Noise Canceling Speakerphone

Bluetooth HFB-300 Noise Canceling Speakerphone

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TreoTM 700wx Updater 1.15 for Sprint Customers now available

Fri, 24 Aug 2007 18:50:19 GMT
The Sprint-specific version of last month's Verizon ROM update for the Treo 700w/wx is now available for download .



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