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Bluetooth Applications

With Bluetooth being very popular with wireless, it's
no wonder there are many applications available for
the technology. Below, you'll find the applications
for Bluetooth.

1. Wireless networking between laptops and desktop
computers, or desktops that are in a confined space
and little bandwidth is needed.

2. Peripherals such bluetooth wireless bluetooth phones bluetooth gps as mice, keyboards, and printers.

3. Cell phones with Bluetooth technology have been
sold in large numbers, as they are able to connect to
computers, PDAs (Personal Data Assistant), and various
other devices. The standard also includes the
support for more powerful and longer range devices.

4. The transfer of files, images and MP3, between
mobile phones.

5. Certain MP3 players and digital cameras to
transfer files to and from computers.

6. Bluetooth technology headsets for smart phones
and cell phones.

7. Data logging equipment that transmits bluetooth phones bluetooth phones data to
a computer via Bluetooth technology.

8. Sony Playstation 3 and Nintendo Revolution will
both use Bluetooth technology for their wireless
controllers bluetooth wireless.

For Bluetooth, there are literally hundreds of
different applications bluetooth headphones and bluetooth wireless devices available for you
to use or purchase. As you may already know,
Bluetooth is the most popular wireless technology
in the world. It's very reliable, very dependable,
and very hard to crack into.

There are many other applications for Bluetooth in
development now, many of which plan to take the
wireless age to the next level. Video game systems
are using Bluetooth technology as well, for their
wireless controllers. This is great news for gaming
fans, as Bluetooth offers the best in wireless
data transmission.

If your curious about applications for Bluetooth
that are bluetooth still in development, you can search on
the internet. You can find all sorts of information,
especially when it comes to Bluetooth. As the
future arrives, you can expect Bluetooth to bring
bigger and better things.

Thoughts about bluetooth mobile phone accessories
Motorola V710 Accessory Package with Pouch Case

NEW POUCH CASE INCLUDEDMotorola v710 Flip Phone accessory Pack. * Two Quality Car Chargers with IC Chip with trickle charge protection. * Pouch  Case with Swivel Belt Clip* Headset Hands free with Boom mic with Noise Canceling Mic * Antenna Booster, as seen on TV* Universal Belt Clip attaches with 3M tape. * Car dash mount bracket that works with Belt Clip and Leather Case Each Item Individually wrapped, great as gifts. Additional Specs: Quality car chargers with IC Chip, Metal Tip (not plastic like most others), and Heavy duty coil cord and connectors that will not fray. Will charge MotorolaV710 Lithium Ion Batteries safely.Pouch case with reinforced nylon thread stitching, hand strap and steel belt clip.Headset offers great sound without the bulkiness. Super great deal. Ships FAST. Tracking number sent via email same day product is shipped. Complete money back guarantee. Motorola V7110 Phone not included. Sold by Cricket US Cellular. motorolav710accessory motorolav710case

Price: 19.99

Audiovox PM-8920 Rapid Car Charger Set of TWO

EXACTLY AS SHOWN      FAST SHIPPING CAR CHARGER SET: TWO car chargers for those that usually have more than one car in the family. Quality Car Charger with AudioVox PM 8920 Sprint PCS Snap-on connector with unique *Quality Features: *IC Chip reads battery capacity, conducts rapid charge, then switches to *trickle charge that helps extend battery life by not over charging. Red Light charging indicator. *Six Foot heavy-duty coil cord with *10lb strain reliefs. 100% *Metal tip for better charging. AudioVox 8920 phone sold by Sprint PCS Wireless. New color screens demand more power so keep yours charged with an extra *Quality car or travel charger. . AS SHOWN

Price: 9.95

Audiovox 8900 Car Charger Set of TWO

EXACTLY AS SHOWN      FAST SHIPPING CAR CHARGER SET: TWO car chargers for those that usually have more than one car in the family. Quality Car Charger with AudioVox 8900 Sprint PCS Snap-on connector with unique *Quality Features: *IC Chip reads battery capacity, conducts rapid charge, then switches to *trickle charge that helps extend battery life by not over charging. Red Light charging indicator. *Six Foot heavy-duty coil cord with *10lb strain reliefs. 100% *Metal tip for better charging. AudioVox 8900 phone sold by Sprint PCS Wireless. New color screens demand more power so keep yours charged with an extra *Quality car or travel charger. Audiovox 8900 car charger Exactly as shown!

Price: 9.95

Audiovox CDM105, UTStarcom CDM105 Fitted Leather Case

NEW UTStarcom CDM-105sp fitted leather case Fast Shipping, 100% buyer protection Designed to fit your UTStarcom CDM-105sp cellular phone perfectly.  This popular design offers protection that covers most of the CDM-105sp body. The Genuine Leather provides excellent utility with contour lines and button access ports. All of our cases come with: Vinyl Keypad Cover Soft Liner Material Detachable hand strap Steel Belt Clip Heavy Duty 14 gage nylon stitching Additional Specs: Your protection needs are met with heavy nylon tread and leather construction that insures maximum durability, without sacrificing quality. The CDM-105sp case clear vinyl covers protect the screen and keypad of the CDM-105sp to keep the integral parts of your phone well-protected during daily use. All leather cases are specifically designed to FIT your specific UTStarcom CDM-105sp phone model and comes with a our commitment - We stand by the quality of our leather cases with an unconditional 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. ORDER NOW! Phone offered By: Virgin Mobile Cingular Wireless, Tmobile, US Cellular, Sprint PCS, UTStarcom CDM-105spcase UTStarcom CDM-105sp case Our Buying Power =  low-price on quality cases.

Price: 6.99

Featured bluetooth mobile phone accessories Items
Bluetooth USB Adapter

Bluetooth USB Adapter
Bluetooth is a low-power, wireless networking standard, which uses short radio links to allow electronic devices to communicate with each other without using cables! The Ultra Bluetooth USB Adapter is a Bluetooth enabler that enables your desktop or notebook computer to connect wirelessly to any other Bluetooth-enabled computer and devices. It allows a working range of more than 33 feet with a 723 Kbps data rate transmission, and complies with Bluetooth 1.1 and USB 1.1.

Customer Review: It works and it was cheap

I needed to get info from my PC to my my cell phone and didn't want to spend $40. After all, the phone was free. It works and does what I need for a pittance.

Customer Review: Great value.

Product works extremely well for the price. Why pay more when all it's needed for is transferring files from a cellphone to a PC?

Motorola H500 Bluetooth Headset Soft Touch - Black [Motorola Retail Packaging]

Motorola H500 Bluetooth Headset Soft Touch - Black [Motorola Retail Packaging]
Streamlined and sophisticated, the Motorola Bluetooth Headset H500 provides wireless connectivity and convenience. Combining an ergonomic design and versatile ear hook, this sleek headset can be worn on either ear. Created to be ultra comfortable, the Motorola H500 is so easy to wear that you'll forget you even have it on! But don't be fooled by its good looks - this petite powerhouse provides impressive battery power to boot and an omni-directional microphone to clearly pick up your voice. A perfect companion for a variety of Bluetooth compatible 1.2- and 1.1-enabled mobile phones, the Motorola H500 is a must-have accessory for communicating in style. The Motorola H500 works with you to help you communicate on the go - connecting with devices up to 30 feet away. Or give your mobile a rest and connect with your Bluetooth-enabled PC for hands-free Voice over IP VoIP use

Offering improved comfort and sound quality over its predecessor, the Motorola H500 provides a sleek, ergonomic design that fits to your ear, allowing for comfortable wear over extended periods and providing an enhanced seal for outstanding audio performance. Style and comfort are only part of this package - the headset boasts up to 8 hours of talk time or 130 hours of standby time from a single charge, giving you plenty of juice for all of your wireless connections! Whether you are managing the office or party planning on-the-go, the Motorola H500 is perfect for multi-tasking with flair. Equipped with a multifunction button it's easy to place, receive or end calls - all from one button! Advanced volume controls include orientation technology to assure that volume controls will always be upright Blue LED light to notify when the headset is in use, or turn off this feature if you choose Bluetooth 1.2 provides quicker pairing, better audio with less dropped calls and reduced interference from other devices Skype certified (Requires bl

Customer Review: No wonder Verizon gave it to me for free...

The only upside to this product was the ease in pairing it with my Motorola Q. Perhaps I have abnormal ears, but I could never manage to successfully wear this headset! I tried it on both ears, but it never stayed still, it was always flapping around on the side of my head. Because I never got a firm fit, I had to turn the volume all the way up to use it, but it still wasn't loud enough. If you wear glasses or have small ears, assume you will have the same problems. I've owned the product for nearly a year and have used it about 4 times in total -- absolutely not worth any price, even if the phone store gives it to you for free.

Customer Review: Average Headset - Below Average Customer Support/Returns

I received a black H500 headset as a Christmas present. I used it successfully for about 3 weeks before having a major problem. First, the headset paired with my Samsung M500 phone very easily. However, that was about all that was easy with the headset. Like so many other people have mentioned about Bluetooth headsets in general, I had to speak rather loudly in order for people to hear me. I could hear other people pretty clearly and reasonably loud enough. The battery life is pretty decent.

The ear hook included is initially shaped for people with big ears. I have small ears so I had to do some major bending of the ear hook in order to get the thing to sit properly and give me decent sound quality. The problem is the hook has an easy tendency to widen which means I have to reshape it periodically and I have to be careful when I'm taking it off my ear.

The biggest problem I had with the unit is that the microphone eventually crapped out on me after I had it for about 3 weeks. Since I was used to having to speak up with it when I first tried it out, it took me a while to realize that people I were talking to were hearing absolutely nothing (because the microphone was broken) instead of just having a hard time hearing me. I eventually called up Motorola to get a Return Authorization #, which the customer service representative was relatively efficient in doing after getting all my personal information. I then sent them my defective unit and waited to receive my replacement unit. After waiting 3 weeks and still having not received anything, I finally gave them a call. It turns out, they didn't even process my return because, for some reason, my RA# was already closed. Then the CSR told me that she needed me to verify my address even though I had provided my address during the first call to Motorola and I had included my address on a note accompanying my return. Motorola is quoting me 3-5 days until I receive my replacement unit. Needless to say, this experience has left me very unimpressed with Motorola's customer service.

Motorola Bluetooth Headset H700 Plum [Motorola Retail Packaging]

Motorola Bluetooth Headset H700 Plum [Motorola Retail Packaging]
Customer Review: Awesome item!!!

This is the best headset I've ever owned! These come in a sealed retail package directly from Motorola, and I'm very happy with my purchase!

Customer Review: Wireless is the Rage

This is my first wireless ear piece and it is fantastic. Very easy to control the volume, answer a call-waiting and 3-way a call in. The quality of sound is fantastic. It is so light-weight that sometimes I forget I'm wearing it. I would recommend this product to anyone.

News about bluetooth mobile phone accessories
News Briefs for June 12, 2008 - Wireless Week

Thu, 12 Jun 2008 16:15:56 GMT

News Briefs for June 12, 2008
Wireless Week - 24 minutes ago
The new handset, which also uses TI’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity technology, is the first Microsoft Windows Mobile phone available with NTT DoCoMo’s ...

Samsung Z400 Direct Connect phone now shipping - infoSync World

Thu, 12 Jun 2008 14:02:42 GMT

Earthtimes (press release)

Samsung Z400 Direct Connect phone now shipping
infoSync World, Norway - 2 hours ago
Beyond calling and push-to-talk capabilities, the Samsung Z400 features a 1.3-megapixel camera, speakerphone, SMS text messaging, Bluetooth connectivity and ...
Sprint to Launch Advanced Push-To-Talk Phones Mobiledia
Samsung’s First Nextel Direct Connect Phone, Z400 by Samsung ... Business Wire (press release)
Sprint Customers in 40+ Markets Can Soon Get Nextel Direct Connect ... Business Wire (press release)
all 19 news articles

New Panasonic device links mobile phones to home handsets

Wed, 11 Jun 2008 23:56:59 GMT
Posted in Mobile Accessories by Nino Marchetti on June 11th, 2008 Panasonic said today it was releasing a new mobile phone accessory which connects Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones to cordless handsets in the ...


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