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LG U300 - A Bluetooth compatible handset with multimedia options

Meet the LG U300 - a Bluetooth compatible mobile phone with mobile music options and a host of other multimedia and imaging features. The handset is striking in its looks and is just right for busy people who are otherwise musically inclined. They can avail of attractive LG U300 contract deals that are available on the different online mobile phone shops and retailing sites and benefit in more ways than one. They can use the connectivity features of the handset to remain linked with people who matter to them in their lives; they can use the imaging options to capture fleeting moments - moments which often come unannounced. And the best part is that they can listen to the music of their choice, wherever and whenever they want to!

As a matter of fact, an integrated music player is one of the main attractions of the LG U300. Users of this handset are free to listen to their favourite songs whenever they want to. The mp3 player can support music files in a host of file formats that include MP3, AAC, enhanced AAC+, AMR and WMA. The handset can also be used for streaming music in stereo to other Bluetooth compatible devices.

The LG U300 is equipped with a 1.3 megapixel digital camera with 2x digital zoom and a 180 degree rotating camera lens. The images and video clips recorded can be shared with family and friends in the form of MMS messages.

There are two screens in the LG U300 - a vibrant and large color interior screen as well as an external screen which can be accessed without opening the handset. The battery life, signal strength and date and time are displayed in this exterior screen - a feature which makes the LG U300 quite handy and easy to use. The tri-band compatibility of the handset ensures that you remain connected in diverse parts of the world. The LG U300 is capable of working in different countries in Europe as well as the US.

And if you thought that this is it, then you are highly mistaken. The LG U300 handsets are available as contract mobile phones in the UK as well as in other regions of the globe. This way, an interested person can acquire the LG U300 mobile on contract and enjoy all that this handset has to offer, without adversely affecting his paychecks or his monthly budget.

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Den Decosta is webmaster of 3contractmobilephones.co.uk. This website deals in contract mobile phones on 3 mobile networks in UK like LG U300, LG U400 NEO, LG U8330, LG U880, Sony Ericsson Z610i, Sony Ericsson k610i.

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LG VX-7000 Car Charger Set of TWO

Most of us have two cars, so why not TWO car chargers?Quality Car Charger with VX7000 pin plug connector with unique *Quality Features: *IC Chip reads battery capacity, conducts rapid charge, then switches to *trickle charge that helps extend battery life by not over charging. Red Light charging indicator.*Six Foot heavy-duty coil cord with *10lb strain relief?s. vx7000 phone made by LG. New color screens demand more power so keep yours charged with an extra *Quality car and travel charger. OEM quality accessories without the price tag of Verizon Wireless. LG VX7000. Car charger meets and exceeds all government specs. We back all products 100%, no questions asked. Verizon VX-7000 not included. BLACK 7000 Takes a different charger.

Price: 9.99

Sony Ericsson W600i Handsfree Headset with Boom Mic

W600i Headset Product Details NEW Sony Ericsson W600i Slim-line Handsfree "Click It" On-Off Button. This "Boom" style headset helps ensure clear communication with flexible hooks that fit both the right and left ear On Off Button allows you to answer the phone with one push of a button Adjustable clip attaches easily to clothing Type: generic/aftermarket Color: black Weight: ~1 oz. On-Off Slim-line Sony Ericsson W600i Handsfree kit with BOOM Mic Quality Noise Canceling Mic for Great Sound FITS THE FOLLOWING Sony Ericsson W600i PHONES: Compatible Models Sony Ericsson K750, W600i and All Sony Ericsson W600i Cellphones with Connector Type Sony Ericsson W600i Headset Handsfree

Price: 8.99

Pantech PN-210 Fitted Leather Case with Belt Clip

NEW Pantech PN-210 fitted leather case Fast Shipping, 100% buyer protection Designed to fit your Pantech PN-210 cellular phone perfectly.  This popular design offers protection that covers most of the PN-210 body. The Genuine Leather provides excellent utility with contour lines and button access ports. All of our cases come with: Vinyl Keypad Cover Soft Liner Material Detachable hand strap Steel Belt Clip Heavy Duty 14 gage nylon stitching Additional Specs: Your protection needs are met with heavy nylon tread and leather construction that insures maximum durability, without sacrificing quality. The PN-210 case clear vinyl covers protect the screen and keypad of the PN-210 to keep the integral parts of your phone well-protected during daily use. All leather cases are specifically designed to FIT your specific Pantech PN-210 phone model and comes with a our commitment - We stand by the quality of our leather cases with an unconditional 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. ORDER NOW! Phone offered By: CellularOne Cingular Wireless, Tmobile, US Cellular, Sprint PCS, Pantech PN-210case Pantech PN-210 case Our Buying Power =  low-price on quality cases.

Price: 6.99

Nokia 6103 Case Horizontal Leather Pouch with Belt Clip

Nokia 6103 Case Horizontal Leather Pouch Case Fits Nokia 6103 Fast Shipping, 100% buyer protection. Designer Magnetic-Trap Style Case offers excellent utility and protection.  Designed to Fit Your Nokia 6103 Cellular Phone Perfectly.  The genuine soft black leather case with rugged construction insures maximum durability Safety Flap Secures the phone from falling during daily use. Pouch cases feature:: Soft Liner Material Magnetic Flap Cover Steel Belt Clip with Soft Cover Heavy Duty 14 gage nylon stitching We Are Getting Great Feedback On This Case We Ship Fast and Offer Low Shipping Cost All POUCH cases are sized and designed to Fit your Nokia 6103 phone and comes with a our commitment - We stand by the quality of our leather cases with an unconditional 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. ORDER NOW! Phone offered By: Cingular, Metro PCS, Verizon Wireless, Alltel, Sprint Nokia 6103 Nokia 6103case Nokia 6103accessory Nokia 6103case Nokia 6103 case Great Alternative to Fitted Leather Cases

Price: 13.49

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*NEW* Motorola OEM Original H710 Bluetooth Headset H-710 BLACK [Bulk Packaged]

*NEW* Motorola OEM Original H710 Bluetooth Headset H-710 BLACK [Bulk Packaged]
Product Description The best just got better. With proven 5th generation technology and form, the Motorola H700 Bluetooth Headset enhances the popular folding microphone design with superior audio performance, echo cancellation technology and an approximate 30% reduction in size. Discriminating consumers will welcome the Motorola H700 because it eliminates wires while delivering crisp, clear communications. With a 10-meter (30 feet) connectivity range, new levels of comfort and simple one-touch access to your most desired features, wireless has never looked so good.Designed for enhanced comfort while delivering a 30% reduction in size and weight from its predecessor, the super compact Motorola H700 delivers unbeatable comfort with an ergonomic ear hook that can be worn on either ear. With unsurpassed call quality and Motorola's exclusive PowerFlip design that lets you answer and end calls with ease, this headset optimizes on-the-go conversations - with style and simplicity.The Motorola H700 is the premium choice for those who are serious about wireless connectivity, offering up to six hours of talk time, 130 of standby time and charge time of less than one hour. Designed with your calls in mind, the headset features Bluetooth 1.2 wireless technology for better call quality, faster connections and less interference.Feature rich doesn't mean complicated. A blue light lets others know when you're on a call. The light changes colors to let you know when the headset is in pairing mode, charging or running low on battery power. The ability to connect with compatible devices up to 10 meters (30 feet) away helps you chat, sync and send - even when your mobile isn't in sight. Fashionable and functional, the Motorola H700 is the essential partner for serious mobile consumers.

Customer Review: Is this the H700 or H710?

I have the H700 and was looking for the H710 BUT the posted specs appear to be for the H700. Buyer beware!!!

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Review: Jabra BT3030 Stereo Headset for Centro, Treo

Wed, 27 Aug 2008 09:24:52 GMT
The Treo's and Centro's 2.5mm audio jack is the phone's biggest Achilles' Heel. Having an 8GB microSD card full of music, but then having to use a 2.5mm headset or adapter is like putting high test gas into a ...

Hands-Free Without Headsets - PC Magazine

Fri, 26 Sep 2008 21:16:26 GMT

Hands-Free Without Headsets
PC Magazine - Sep 26, 2008
That's part of the reason why we've seen a lot more interest in Bluetooth headsets lately. But there's a problem with Bluetooth headsets that people don't ...

CTDI Acquires Phoenix Wireless - TMC Net

Fri, 26 Sep 2008 22:22:16 GMT

CTDI Acquires Phoenix Wireless
TMC Net, CT - Sep 26, 2008
Phoenix Wireless manufactures and distributes a full line of accessories including Bluetooth headsets, case solutions, chargers, batteries and more. ...


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