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Arriving to conclusions can be considered the most difficult part of any form of writing. We felt the same here with this article on bluetooth 6310i. Hope you enjoyed it.

Another short bluetooth 6310i review
LG 5350 Flip Phone Accessory 6 Pack

Quality Six Piece Cellphone Accessory Kit. Includes: 1, Headset, over the ear with boom mic. 2, TWO TWO Car Chargers, quality IC chip with red LED light. 3, Leather Case, Fitted leather case with sprint belt clip. 4, Antenna Booster, as seen on T.V. and in Target for $19.99. 5, Belt Clip, attaches to phone and clips to your belt, easy on/off button, universal. 5.5, Dash Mount Bracket, 3M tape to dash, holds phone for true Hands Free Driving. Sprint LG 5350. All chargers us IC chip for battery, leather case fits extended batteries and standard batteries.

Price: 19.99

iPod Video Hard Case made of Metalic Aluminum with Clip

iPod Video 30G Aluminum Case Product Details Form-fitting Metal Deluxe Case designed for protection, functionality, and perfect fit. Silver iPod case with black liner. Detachable Swivel Belt Clip. Compatible with iPod Video 30G Multi-Media Gaming Device. Made of lightweight aircraft grade scratch-resistant anodized aluminum. Neoprene lining holds iPod Video 30G securely in place and cushions it from impact. iPod Video 30G is fully functional while in the case (only need open it to eject). Offers maximum protection for your  iPod Video investment. iPod Video Aluminum Case is light, functional, and offers the best protection. iPod Video cases available in both Black and Silver color. Each iPod Case lining protects well with the soft neoprene material.

Price: 3.22


Fast Shipping with every EXTRA DENSITY - GRADE A power cells that charge higher and slowly releases power with Smart Stream TechnologyStandby time: 4.8 days Straight Talk-time: 2.3 hours Length: 54 millimeter Width: 41 millimeter Depth: 6 millimeter Color: Silver Platform: GSM Carrier: T MOBILE, AT&T, CINGULAR BRAND NEW PANASONIC GD 55 Long Lasting BATTERY 800MAH LI-ON SILVER

Price: 19.99

Motorola E815 Rapid Charging Home Travel Charger

Motorola E815 Rapid Charging Home - Travel Charger *  IC Chip Technology Rapidly charges battery to 90% capacity, then... *  Trickle Charge Technology conditions fully charged battery *  Red Light Charging Indicator *  Heavy Duty 6 Foot Cord *  Motorola E815  Snap-Ring Charging Connector *  75% Off MSRP. *  100% Buyer Protection Guarantee. *  Motorola E815  charger Motorola E815  Phone sold by US Cellular Sprint PCS. Check out all our other products for T-Mobile Sprint PCS. Verizon, Nextel Motorola Home Travel Charger for E815

Price: 7.99

Featured bluetooth 6310i Items
Webster's New World Telecom Dictionary (Webster's New World)

Webster's New World Telecom Dictionary (Webster's New World)
Webster’s New World Telecom Dictionary, by Ray Horak, is a comprehensive telecommunications dictionary of more than 7,500 terms critical to understanding voice, data, video, and multimedia communications system and network technologies, applications, and regulation. Given the convergence of computing and communications, the book also effectively is a computer dictionary with a telecom focus. It is thoroughly researched, highly objective, absolutely accurate, and includes just about every essential term, abbreviation, acronym, contraction, initialism, and portmanteau you might encounter in the telecom and datacom domains. Although the book is a technical dictionary, Horak’s plain-English, commonsense style yields definitions that are as thoroughly understandable to the business professional or student as they are to the electrical engineer. In fact, many entries are encyclopedic in nature, discussing applications and issues. Horak also injects a bit of his wry sense of humor, sprinkling occasional telecom trivia and marginally related definitions that will have you smiling and chuckling to yourself, but not to the point that they detract from what is an important book on a serious subject. An instant classic, Webster’s New World Telecom Dictionary is the one and only telecom dictionary you will need. It also makes a perfect companion to Horak’s Telecommunications and Data Communications Handbook, published by Wiley-Interscience in October 2007.

Customer Review: Webster's New World Telecom Dictionary

Webster's New World Telecom Dictionary (Webster's New World)

Fianlly a comprehensive dictionary of Telecom, Data and Computer terms. It is a fantastic addition to my library.

Customer Review: Ownership is mandatory

Regardless of whether you a an undergraduate in a Business Administration curiculum, or an established Telecom or IT Professional, YOU NEED THIS BOOK. First of all, the price is right. And in today's world that is vital. But more important, the information provided exceeds expectation and is presented in language that even an industry novice can comprehend. The drawings and tables provide the proper support documentation without going into overkill.

In my 30+ years of experience in the telecom field, I have often found that the best way to gain client approval for a recommendation is to first educate the client and provide sufficient historical background so that my ultimate recommendation is the obvious solution. The information provided here, and the attention to detail in the way the information is presented, will allow the reader to answer or pose questions in any telecom-related environment.

Starry Night BlueStar Adapter for Orion Atlas EQ-G Telescopes

Starry Night BlueStar Adapter for Orion Atlas EQ-G Telescopes
Wireless communication meets computerized telescope control with the introduction of the BlueStar telescope adapter. Now you can command your computerized telescope from your laptop wirelessly. The BlueStar adapter eliminates the RS-232 cable that normally connects the telescope and computer, giving you enhanced range and freedom of movement. BlueStar works with most major brands of computerized telescopes, allowing complete wireless control using the dynamic graphical interface of Starry Night Pro or similar astronomy software on your computer. The adapter plugs into the hand controller's RS-232 port and has a range of up to 30 feet. It requires a Bluetooth-enabled computer (or an inexpensive Bluetooth module, available at computer stores) running Windows XP or Mac OS X operating system. Included are BlueStar adapter, CD-ROM with driver software, installation card, and cable for your specific telescope. Requires two AA batteries (not included).

Garmin nüvi 360 3.5-Inch Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator

Garmin nüvi 360 3.5-Inch Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator
The Garmin nüvi 360 GPS Navigator and Personal Travel Assistant is a GPS navigator, personal translator, multi-media entertainer and tour guide all wrapped into one. In addition to all the advanced features of the Garmin nüvi 350 -- including automatic routing, turn-by-turn voice directions, an MP3 player and audio book player, JPEG picture viewer, and much more -- this pocket-sized personal travel assistant comes with hands-free Bluetooth wireless technology, making it the hands-down go-anywhere travel companion.

Which nüvi is Best for You?: Click here to see a quick, simple comparison of features for all Garmin nuvi GPS navigators

The nüvi 360 comes with hands-free bluetooth wireles technology. See side view.

Browse your stored pictures with an easy-to-use JPEG viewer.

The device sports a handy MP3 player, letting you play songs stored on SD memory cards.
Make Hands-Free Calls
The nüvi 360 integrates wireless technology with a microphone and speaker that lets you make hands-free mobile phone calls using your compatible Bluetooth-enabled phone. Simply dial numbers with the nüvi's touch screen keypad to place a call, and to answer calls, just tap the screen and speak directly into its built-in microphone.

In addition, you can easily look-up and dial numbers from your personalized phone book or from your phone's call history log. Don't know the phone number for your destination? Simply find and dial it from nüvi's database of more than six million points of interest -- including hotels, restaurants, stores, and attractions.

Navigation and Entertainment with Ease
For starters, the nüvi 360 includes a high-sensitivity integrated GPS receiver that offers exceptional performance and reception. The unit's flip-up antenna includes an MCX-type connector for optional external GPS antenna connection. Preloaded software features maps of Europe or North America, and it includes automatic routing, 2D or 3D map perspective, turn-by-turn voice directions that speak street names, and a fingertip touch screen interface -- making navigation as easy as it gets.

But navigation is just the beginning. Like the nüvi 350, the nüvi 360 also includes many entertainment and travel tools including an MP3 player, audio book player, JPEG picture viewer, travel alarm, and currency converters.

The nüvi 360 features a bright, 2.8 x 2.1-inch TFT display with white backlight for easy readability. At 3.87 x 2.91 x 0.87-inches (WxHxD) and just 5.1 ounces, the unit is small enough to be placed on the dashboard with the included suction mount, or into your pocket for easy transportability. The unit also features Garmin Lock -- an advanced anti-theft feature that disables the unit from performing any functions until you type in a specific four-digit PIN or take the unit to a predetermined location. A built-in lithium ion battery will give you up to eight hours of power, and an included 12/24 volt adapter cable will let you run the navigator off your vehicle's power. An AC battery charger is also included.

A built-in Travel Kit that includes sample MP3s and audio books will get you started with entertainment, and with the unit's SD memory card expansion slot you can add optional software, such as language and travel guides. A USB port is also included for loading and updating data.

What's in the Box
Gamin nüvi 360, Preloaded City Navigator NT North America or Europe (full coverage), vehicle suction cup mount, AC charger, 12/24 volt adapter cable, dashboard disk, USB interface cable, carrying case, owner's manual, and quick reference guide.

Which nüvi is Best for You?

(w x h)
Included Maps
Directions in
Real Street


FM Transmitter
(audio through
car stereo

Cont. U.S.,
Hawaii, and
Puerto Rico

AK and

nüvi 200 2.8 x 2.1

6 million +


nüvi 200w 3.81 x 2.25

6 million +


nüvi 250 2.8 x 2.1
check check
6 million +


nüvi 250w 3.81 x 2.25
check check
6 million +


nüvi 260 2.8 x 2.1
check check
6 million + check


nüvi 270 2.8 x 2.1
check check check 6 million +


nüvi 350 2.8 x 2.1
check check
6 million + check check

Photos, MP3s

nüvi 360 2.8 x 2.1
check check
6 million + check check
check Photos, MP3s

nüvi 370 2.8 x 2.1 check check check 6 million + check
check check Photos, MP3s

nüvi 650 3.81 x 2.25
check check
6 million + check check

Photos, MP3s

nüvi 660
3.81 x 2.25
check check
6 million + check
check check Photos, MP3s check
nüvi 670
3.81 x 2.25
check check check 6 million + check
check check Photos, MP3s check
nüvi 680 3.81 x 2.25
check check
6 million + check
check check Photos, MP3s check
nüvi 750
3.81 x 2.25
check check
6 million + check
Photos, MP3s check check
nüvi 760 3.81 x 2.25
check check
6 million + check
check check Photos, MP3s check check
nüvi 770 3.81 x 2.25
check check check 6 million + check
check check Photos, MP3s check check

Customer Review: Great GPS with a lackluster interface

I have owned this GPS for about 6 months now and my wife hates it. I put up with it because the maps and routing engine is better than our previous TomTom Go 300.

The bluetooth phone dialing works well for me and my wife, however we have to disable bluetooth in order to use it while planning a trip (I'll get back to this later).

The software for Mac OS X works well. I can't seem to use any USB cable with this device. I have to use the one included in the box for some reason.

The MP3 player works well and has come in handy on long trips, giving us music and directions as needed.

So why three stars? Because I wanted to give it two stars, but felt that I was being to harsh on the UI. The biggest problem with this device is the abominably pathetic user interface (UI). For starters there is no audible alert for low power. The visual cue is not enough. Leaving is plugged in is ok by my standards, but is unforgivable by my wife's standards. I don't blame her. What kind of device shuts off without warning (no that once every so often indicator that comes is not enough).

The power indicator problem is only the beginning of the Nuvi's clumsy. The main "Menu" key is a hard target to hit while driving and while not driving. Disconnecting a phone requires more button presses than I care to hit. On my phone I can drop the nuvi faster, except that I have to either fish it out of my pocket or go find where put it down.

Entering addresses is a pain. Choose "Menu", then choose "Where to?", then choose "Address", then choose / enter state, then choose the city, and then choose the street and then choose the number. At each stage the autocompletion is PATHETIC. To top it off, yesterday, I went to Lahaska, PA. Trying to enter in an "Address", the city was not found. However entering a "City" as a destination did turn up Lahaska, PA!!!

At the bottom of the main menu are options for detour (in orange) and stop (in red). Can someone explain to me why those two options are so prominently placed (1 step after the main menu), but entering in an address is not (2 steps after the main menu)? The positioning is horrible. I have accidently touched them while holding the unit.

Scrolling around the map is fun, except when the device decides that where you touched, you are trying to make that your destination. This is extremely annoying when you are scrolling, and it flips the screen to the "Go" screen and you hit "Go" because you are still scrolling.

This is a good device. The scrolling and battery problems really frustrate us. Had I known that the UI was this annoying, I might not have bought it. It almost makes me want to pull out my TomTom Go 300 to compare the two UIs.

Customer Review: Small and good GPS device

Its my first GPS device so I do not compare it to others but its working really fine with me :)

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