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The Best bluetooth ger�te Articles on Wine
How Bluetooth Works

Bluetooth devices will normally operate at 2.4 GHZ
in the license free, globally available ISM radio
band. The advantage to this band includes worldwide
availability and compatibility. A disadvantage to
this however, is that the devices must share this
band with other RF emitters. This includes
automobile security systems, other wireless devices,
and bluetooth wireless other noise sources, such as microwaves.

To overcome bluetooth wireless this challenge, Bluetooth employs a
fast frequency hopping scheme and therefore uses
shorter packets than other standards within the
ISM band. This scheme helps to make Bluetooth
communication more robust and more secure.

Frequency hopping
Frequency hopping is basically jumping from frequency
to frequency within the ISM radio band. After a
bluetooth device sends or receives a packet, it
and the device (or devices) it's communicating with
hop to another frequency before the next packet is
sent. This scheme offers three advantages:
1. Allows Bluetooth devices to use the
entirety of the available ISM band, while never
transmitting from a fixed frequency for more than a
short period of time. This helps insure that
Bluetooth conforms to the ISM bluetooth restrictions on the
transmission quantity per frequency.
2. Ensures that any interference won't
last long. Any packet that doesn't arrive safely
to its destination can be resent to the next
3. Provides a base level of security as
it's very hard for an eavesdropping device to predict
which frequency the Bluetooth devices will use

The connected devices however, must agree upon the
frequency they will use next. The specification
in Bluetooth ensures this in two ways. First, it
defines a master and slave type relationship between
bluetooth devices. Next, it specifies an algorithm
that uses device specific information when
calculating the frequency hop sequences.

A Bluetooth device that operates in master mode can
communicate with up to seven devices that are set in
slave mode. To each of the slaves, the master
Bluetooth device will send its own unique address
and the value of its own internal clock. The
information sent is then used to calculate the
frequency hop sequences.

Because bluetooth the master device and each of the slave
devices use the same algorithm with the same initial
input, the connected devices will always arrive
together at the next frequency that they have agreed

As a replacement for cable technology, it's no
wonder that Bluetooth devices are usually battery
powered, such as wireless mice and battery powered
cell phones. To conserve the power, most devices
operate in low power. This helps to give Bluetooth
devices a range of around 5 - 10 meters.

This bluetooth range bluetooth wireless is far enough for bluetooth headphones wireless communication
but bluetooth printer close enough to avoid drawing too much power
from the power source of the device bluetooth printer.

Recommended bluetooth ger�te Items
BlueAnt X3 Micro Bluetooth Headset with USB, Car, and Wall Chargers - Hot Pink

BlueAnt X3 Micro Bluetooth Headset with USB, Car, and Wall Chargers - Hot Pink
Customer Review: Perfect

First, the function and performance of this little headset are flawless. It synchronizes quickly with any bluetooth phone. Then the sound is the same quality as if using the phone without a headset.

Both microphone and ear function without causing that deep-in-a-cave effect.

While all of the above is what I would expect from a perfect headset, this gem comes with a bonus: the ability to charge from wall outlet, USB, or car. There's no need to change batteries because you can recharge in the office, in the bedroom, or while on the road.

This is a good quality device at an attractive price.

Customer Review: Good buy

I would definitely reccommend to anyone who wants a good bluetooth with good sound quality. Comes with a great warranty.

GE JASHO97500 Retractable Stereo Earbuds

GE JASHO97500 Retractable Stereo Earbuds
For over 100 years, what has remained constant is GE's dedication to change and progress. And that's what will keep the company growing over the next 100 years. From jet engines to power generation, from financial services to plastics, from television to medical imaging, GE people worldwide are dedicated to turning good ideas into products and services that make the world a better place.PRODUCT FEATURES:Portable case protects earbuds;Automatically winds up cable;Handy belt clip.

Customer Review: More Info Needed

Why doesn't this description tell how long the cord is? Thats kinda important. When using the treadmill at the gym they have TVs well my regular earbuds doesn't reach and allow comfortable movement. Need more info.

Cardo Systems Scala-500 Combo Kit Universal Bluetooth Wireless Headset Handsfree for Non-Bluetooth P

Cardo Systems Scala-500 Combo Kit Universal Bluetooth Wireless Headset Handsfree for Non-Bluetooth P
This Handsfree works for Audiovox/RIM Blackberry/LG/Touchpoint/ Mitsubishi/Motorola/NEC/Nokia/Nextel/Panasonic/ Qualcomm/Kyocera/Samsung/Sanyo This Kit includes the Nokia 3.5M/5100/6100/7100 Sereis Handsfree adapter so it can work with the: Nokia 1100/1260/1261/2260/3360/3390/3395/ 3560/3590/3595/3600/3650/6010/6015i/ 6016i/6019i/6590/6600/7210/8200 Series/ 8300 Series/8800 Series/N-Gage/N-Gage QD Nokia 3285/5110/5120/5125/5160/5165/5170/ 5180/5190/6110/6120/6160/6160i/6161/ 6162/6168/6170/6180/6185/6190/6340/ 6360/6385/6390/7160/7190 The scala-500 is engineered to serve as the perfect complement for your mobile phone, no matter where you are. Whether you are walking the sidewalks of a busy city, or biking or hiking on a windy day, you will appreciate our WindGuard solution: Cardo's proprietary wind blocking technology overcomes wind interference significantly better than any other BT headset on the market. Naturally, the scala-500 comes equipped with all high end features and functionalities you would expect from a leading headset: At only .58 oz (16.8 g), the sleek and stylish scala-500 is one of the smallest and lightest devices available and still offers up to 9 hours of talk time. We also added a speaker booster to provide substantially higher volume capacity than otherwise available. Give the scala-500 a try and you will see why more than any other wireless headset, this is the perfect complement for your mobile phone * Embedded Wind Blocking Technology * Exchangeable Ear-Loop and Eye/Sunglasses Attachment * 9 Hours Talk-Time / One Week Standby * Only .58 oz (16.8g) * All advanced functions: Mute, Reject, Transfer, etc. Model: SCALA500COMBO

Customer Review: Cardo Scala-500COM Bluethooth Headset Combo

Overall pleased with this product - some echo, not a large amount of space availablitiy between the ear piece and base. Beyond that, it serves its purpose.

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