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Bluetooth Operation

The networking standards of Bluetooth will transmit
data via low power radio frequency. Bluetooth
communicates on a 2.45 GHz frequency. This very
band of frequency has been set aside by international
agreement for the use of industrial and medical

Many bluetooth phones devices that you already known and use take
advantage of this frequency band. Garage door
openers, baby monitors, and the next generation of
mobile phones all use this frequency within the ISM
band. Ensuring that Bluetooth and the other
devices don't interfere with each other is a crucial
part of the design process.

One of the ways Bluetooth will avoid interfering
with other electronic devices is by sending out
weak signals of around 1 mw. In comparison, even
the most powerful of cell phones can transmit a
signal of 3 watts.

The low power signals will limit the range of a
Bluetooth device to around 32 feet, which cut the
chances of interference between your computer and
other electronic devices. Even though it has low
power, Bluetooth doesn't require a line of sight
between bluetooth wireless the communicating devices. The walls in
your home won't stop bluetooth printer the signal, making it great
for rooms throughout the house.

Bluetooth can connect 8 devices at the same time.
With each of those devices on the same radius bluetooth printer,
you may think they would interfere with each
other, although it's very unlikely. Bluetooth
utilizes a technique known as low frequency
hopping, which makes it harder for more than
one device to transmit on the same frequency
at the same time.

With this technique, a device will use 79
individual, randomly chosen frequencies within
a designated range, which change from one another
on a regular basis.

In the case of Bluetooth bluetooth phones, the transmitters will
change frequency 1,600 times or more every
second, meaning that more devices can make full
use of the radio spectrum. Since every
transmitter of Bluetooth will use spread spectrum
automatically bluetooth phones bluetooth phones, it's very unlikely that two
transmitters will be on the same frequency at the
exact same time.

When the Bluetooth devices come within close range
of each other, an electronic conversation will
occur to determine whether or not they have
data to share or whether one needs to take total
control. The user doesn't have any buttons to
press or commands to give - as the conversation
will occur automatically.

Once the conversation has occured, the devices
will form a network. Bluetooth bluetooth devices will
create a bluetooth PAN (Personal Area Network) or piconet
that may fill a room. Once the piconet has been
established, the devices will randomly hop in

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Discovery 655 Bluetooth Headset with DSP and Pocket Charger

Discovery 655 Bluetooth Headset with DSP and Pocket Charger

  • DSP Digital Signal Processing actively reduces transmitted background noise
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    Jabra Bluetooth Stereo USB Adapter

    Jabra Bluetooth Stereo USB Adapter
    Enables Bluetooth devices to be connected wirelessly to PCClass 1 device with range up to 330' Wirelessly stream music to a Bluetooth headset Transfer pictures and files between Bluetooth devicesIncludes installation software

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    ... as this and lack of Flash audio support are big barriers for online music fans. Oh, and don't get me started about the lack of streaming Bluetooth audio.

    Fujitsu LifeBook T5010 Tablet PC

    Wed, 18 Jun 2008 12:21:11 -0700
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