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A Review of Bluetooth Enabled Cell Phones

With the rate that technology is evolving nowadays, it?s quite easy to be left behind in the current market of electronic products. I experienced this myself when I decided to buy a cell phone. My friend told me that I would be better off if I spend more money for a Bluetooth enabled cell phone instead of the generic model that I was planning to buy.

I couldn?t decide which model I would purchase because I had no idea how different Bluetooth enabled cell phones are from the generic models. A friendly salesclerk at the mall patiently explained to me why they were so special. I found out that the features on a blue tooth enable cell phones would allow me to do a variety of things that would be impossible with standard mobile phones.

Bluetooth enabled cell phones makes it possible to wirelessly transfer e-mails, contact information, and other basic content to someone who have a similar device. If you have special car kit you, can even make and receive hands-free, wireless calls while driving. Doing these this manually with a standard cell phone would be dangerous. Many recent car models already come with the necessary equipment to accommodate blue tooth enabled cell phones and more automobile companies are planning to follow the trend in the following years.

You might think that with these state of the art features, Bluetooth enabled cell phones would be considerably more expensive than the older generic models. If you?re not after very high-end models, you can find that they are actually quite affordable. With the number of cell-phone manufacturer competing for customers, you can be sure that prices of blue tooth enabled cell phones will remain reasonable. Since they are manufactured by world-class companies like Motorola, Sony, and Nokia you also can be sure of getting a high quality product.

Don?t be left behind. You don?t know what you?re missing if you don?t avail of the exciting features that affordable and user-friendly blue tooth enabled cell phones can offer.

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bluetooth ipaq 3970 Products we recommend

The portable Garmin StreetPilot c550 comes ready-to-go right out of the box with preloaded maps and plenty of options. This navigator delivers the same, easy-to-use, affordable navigation as our popular selling c300 series with many enhancements like Bluetooth wireless technology with hands-free calling, an integrated traffic receiver, MP3 player, plus much more. Garmin Streetpilot C550 Special Features:Bluetooth Technology: Features exclusive to the Garmin StreetPilot c550 include Bluetooth technology integrated with a microphone and dual speakers that lets you to make hands-free mobile phone calls on a compatible Bluetooth wireless phone. View incoming calls on your c550, and simply tap the screen to answer. Just speak into the built-in microphone while staying focused on your driving. In addition, retrieve and dial numbers from your personalized phone book or the phone call history log. You can also make calls from the StreetPilot c550's huge points of interest database which includes hotels, restaurants, stores, and much more.Integrated Traffic Receiver: Another feature unique to the c550 is its integrated traffic capabilities. The c550 includes an integrated FM TMC traffic receiver which notifies you of traffic, construction and weather delays and automatically suggests alternative routes.*GPS Navigator: The c550 comes with preloaded maps of Europe or North America and includes automatic routing, 2D or 3D map perspective, and turn-by-turn voice directions that speak street names making navigation easy. It is also an MP3 player and accepts customized points of interest (POIs) such as school zones and safety cameras.

Customer Review: GPS Made Easy

I found the unit to be very user-friendly and quite proficient. The clarity of the screen is not affected by bright sun light. The Bluetooth is an added feature for those individuals not having vehicles with Bluetooth capability. All in all, I believe this unit to be an excellent value.

Hello Kitty / Kiki & Lala / U*SA*HA*NA 2" PVC Dioramas Figure (One randomly picked figure from a series of eight) (Japanese Import)

Hello Kitty / Kiki & Lala / U*SA*HA*NA 2" PVC Dioramas Figure (One randomly picked figure from a series of eight) (Japanese Import)
This Japanese imported toy candy features one randomly picked 2 inch Hello Kitty diorama figure from three popular series: Hello Kitty (4 styles), Kiki & Lala (2 styles) and U*SA*HA*NA (2 styles). The whole series has 8 figures (each sold separately.) Buy more and use our coupon code to save money if your order is over $75. NOTE: this is a Japanese candy toy. The included candy expired at 01/2008. Do not consume the candy after expiration date. For age 4 and up only.

HP IPAQ Bluetooth Folding Keyboard - Keyboard - wireless - Bluetooth

HP IPAQ Bluetooth Folding Keyboard - Keyboard - wireless - Bluetooth
Improve productivity when using a Bluetooth enabled iPAQ Pocket PC with this Bluetooth keyboard. It's great for entering a large amount of data quickly. When not in use the keyboard folds up into an ultra-small package for easy portability. When open, it is the same size as a notebook computer keyboard!mall package for easy portability. When open it is the same size as a notebook computer keyboard!

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CA Magazine - HP IPAQ 3970 Pocket PC

Thu, 01 May 2003 07:00:00 GMT
May 1, 2003 -- If you wanted to find fault with this Pocket PC handheld, you could point out that it is a bit heavy and bulky and doesn't have either integrated...

A Boy and His Mogul

Tue, 12 Feb 2008 02:21:12 GMT
It was not a perfect relationship. There was no synchronization of data. No integration of interface.


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